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You'll be able to lead conversations when networking or interviewing, to maximize your chance of success.

Build Chemistry

Job Search Success demands you are likable: you'll learn exactly how to make connections that vouch for you.

Land the Job

You'll demonstrate superior candidate value that makes you sought-after by recruiters. No more rejection!

About the Authors: Andrew Soave and Josh Arsenault

Andrew and Josh are alumni from McMaster University and began their careers as consultant and accountant, respectively. Through seeing the struggles of students applying to positions after graduation, and learning from their own success, they began testing the job search approach to determine the most effective way to find work. Years of research and experiments give rise to Operation: Job Search, used by job seekers in every stage of their career, for any type of job. Since its launch, Andrew and Josh have been featured in blogs and workshops across North America, and continue to give personalized service to clients in Toronto, Ontario where both live.

"What People Are Saying"

This course outlined a clear strategy for networking!


Carelton University, Ottawa

Being an international student, Andrew provided crucial insights and helped me make a smooth transition. This helped me make decisions that had a direct impact on my career.


York University, Toronto

i am so glad I attended. I learned a lot of useful tips.


Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo

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