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"With my first Start-Up, the Small Business Booklet addressed my questions, gave me the confidence to take smart risks, and helped me reassess my way of thinking about money"

Sohail, from Brampton, Canada

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Some of our Successful Customers:

  1. Learn Fast
    The Small Business Booklet uses the Prepare, Practice, Perform, Reflect system as part of proven methodology that confirms your understanding of key concepts and immediately applies them to your business so you can make changes happen right away.
  2. For Any Business
    Use the Small Business Booklet for any business: whether you provide services or products, work with your hands or with your mind, you'll find actionable and effective changes in the Booklet. With over 58 exercises to learn from, you're sure to find situations that match your business.
  3. Complete
    Learn the essential functions and secrets to owning a successful business, all in one source that you can trust. The 55-page booklet is condensed so that you can find clear answers quickly and independently. No phone calls, web searches, or outsiders needed.
  4. Written by Experts
    You'll use proven management techniques from top professors, CEOs and managers around the world. Prepare to manage like a pro!
  5. Save Time and Money
    Your time is valuable as a business owner, and the Small Business Booklet includes a bonus section to eliminate, outsource, and automate time-tasks and help you to focus on creating value for yourself and your customers.
  6. Money-Back Guarantee
    The Small Business Booklet is proven to pay for itself within a year. If you don't see a higher profit, we'll give you your money back - no questions asked. That's what fair means to Small Businesses: no risk to the customer.
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​"The booklet takes you through a process: you learn how to compete in a market, then how to promote and operate your business so that your customer sees higher value and you see higher profit"

​ Andrew, from Toronto, Canada

Andrew grew his monthly profit 10x in 3 years using the Small Business Booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Clients

"It gets you to think about your business in a different way so you can make better decisions every day. This would make any business much more profitable."

​Mark, from Hamilton, Canada

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  1. How much more profit should I expect from using the Small Business Booklet?
    This depends not only on the business but also on the user - the best results are achieved by those who read the entire booklet, in order, and complete every exercise to ensure their understanding. For some readers, the concepts presented in the booklet will represent completely different ways of thinking and those who embrace this mindset and the new concepts will be the most successful.
  2. How does the Money-Back Guarantee work?
    The guarantee is simple: you complete the booklet, and apply the lessons to your business. If you don't see an improvement in profit, or in the hours you commit to your business, after 90 days, contact us within the following 30 days and we'll give you your money back, plus 25%. We're so sure that this resource will help you, we've made this process simple so that you can rest assured the Small Business Booklet really is risk-free.
  3. What should I do if I forget to download the booklet after checkout?
    Send an email to the team at We'll work with you to send another copy your way.
  4. What if I have other questions?
    Contact us at We are happy to answer questions and include more FAQs on this page.

The Small Business Booklet is 125% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Act now and get a BONUS business plan template with your purchase!